General Registration Information & Process

1New Application and Registration
There are two methods involved:

1. The first involves the registration process for new or first-time students at AfricaLeads Academy centers. All new entrants to AfricaLeads Academy will have to apply for admission to AfricaLeads Academy during the stipulated application period. This application process precedes the actual registration period and must be completed before any student will be considered for registration.

2. Secondly, students will be encouraged to register online, at self help stations at AfricaLeads Academy registration sites, but will also be able to register by fax or post.
2Late Registration
Two weeks after the regulated registration dates, students may still apply but they will have to pay a "late application" fee of R500. But no applications for a semester or courses will be accepted 3 weeks after.
3The Registration Process
All prospective students wishing to register into AfricaLeads Academy will have to visit any of our centers, obtain the application form, fill it out and hand back together with a R300.00 nonrefundable registration fee, or take away the form, fill and return it later with the registration fee. Applicants may also apply only, attached all required documents and post online, then pay the registration fee into AfricaLeads Academy's bank account.
4General Admission Requirements
1) Completed Application form.
2) Copy of valid I.D document.
3) R300 Registration fee
5Requirements for Foreigners
Intending foreigners residing in the Republic of South Africa will be required to have an International passport I.D still valid for a minimum of five months, a valid study permit from the South African home affairs still valid for at least 12 months.

Foreigners outside the country wishing to take up studies with us will first apply to, and secure a study permit from the South African embassy of their country.
6Support for Foreigners Outside
Though we cannot guarantee you securing a visa to the republic, we could give you a support letter to the embassy in your country.
We could also help you secure a minimum of a one room apartment prior to your arrival, upon you sending down the money for all the necessary costs.